long time no draw I come with some hetalia stuff

this is based from this picture of Sukarno and khruschev saring a fire for a cigar. I think this was from cold war era/non-block movement? 







//consider this Total AU right after the fourth book//

again old drawing (ahah I wish this art block would just go away or even better I want a vacation. real life and work so full I can’t draw)

based on some of the things JK said about Theodore Nott that is not included in the book. and based on cius and chitos’s character meme.

old drawing but I really like it.

I imagine he is still has an upper class attitude but with less caring in muggle/mudblood/death eater things. hey he is not without ambition, he’s just wondering why voldy must destroy everything when the pureblood are very much already in comfortable place (rich and influential what else do you need?) and blood purity only as important as how much that can help him advanced himself. money? easy comes easy go, power? with the right strategy you didn’t even have to lift a finger. family and friends, on the other hand (the real one, the one who will never leave you behind even when things get tough, is very rare and precious. he have a few precious people he wanted to protect. no time to join this crazy group with high mortality risk.

HSS Fanart : Wes x my MC

I wanted to draw the amazing spider-man but art-block.

so have this instead, from the game High School Story : My MC (Reifai) and Wes (in game character). yes they are boyfriends. >////>

note: I take some liberty like giving Wes a ponytail (he got a long hair) and giving my MC glasses and face/hair design closer to what I wanted (because limited hair/face combo for male)

can’t help it the disney magic funland quest give me shippy feel.


what happen when you have a blank saturday night life


//you draw silliness//

//it’s just kissing, but since i know some of you might not like it I put it under read more. I kinda miss grimmer’s art. maybe that’s why I draw this :P//

//Jansuk/Johan, IDEK maybe jan was drunk/fed up with johan’s taunting him/whatever…//


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OMG I forgot my first time drawing kiss ever. don’t remember I draw them quite intense >////o///<


StarBuck picnic?

what is background and why is it so hard  ~o(-`д´- 。)

also, no context other than this somewhat end up with Steve gazing fondly at Bucky. (ღ˘‿˘ற)~❤⃛

and I want tablet~      _:(´□`」∠):_

I Really love bucky , but I didn;t draw him much because other people’s art are so-so-soooo Good!